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MÜDEK is recognized by the Higher Education Quality Board of Turkey as the National Quality Assurance Agency in accrediting engineering programs.
MÜDEK is a full member of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education).
MÜDEK is authorized by ENAEE to award EUR-ACE Label.
MÜDEK is a Washington Accord Signatory of International Engineering Alliance.


MÜDEK started evaluation and accreditation activities of engineering programs in 2003 and has conducted evaluations of 1056 engineering undergraduate programs in 28 different disciplines as of July 2019.

MÜDEK's program evaluation activities are conducted by the evaluation teams formed by MAK (Engineering Programs Accreditation Board) using the evaluation criteria published by MÜDEK. These criteria set forth the minimum conditions that an engineering program should satisfy for accreditation.

An evaluation team consists of a team chair and a minimum of one program evaluator for each program evaluated. When needed, a co-chair and/or co-evaluators and/or observers may be included in a team. During each evaluation cycle, a separate team is formed for each higher education institution that applied for the evaluation of its engineering undergraduate programs. Team chairs and co-chairs are selected from among current or former MAK members or experienced program evaluators who have already served at least two terms as program evaluators.

Program evaluators are selected from among academicians and professional engineers who are experts in their fields and have solid background in engineering education. Every program evaluator must complete a training program given by MÜDEK before taking part in an evaluation visit.

Student evaluators are selected by MÜDEK Nominating Committee from among students nominated by those faculties with accredited programs. Every student evaluator must complete a training program given by MÜDEK before taking part in an evaluation visit.

Except MÜDEK administrative staff, all individuals who participate in MÜDEK boards, committees, working groups, and accreditation evaluation teams work on voluntary basis without any salary.

Last Updated: April 17, 2020

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