MÜDEK is recognized by the Higher Education Quality Board of Turkey as the National Quality Assurance Agency in accrediting engineering programs.
MÜDEK is a full member of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education).
MÜDEK is authorized by ENAEE to award EUR-ACE Label.
MÜDEK is a Washington Accord Signatory.

MÜDEK Workshop for Institutions

The first MÜDEK workshop in 2018 will be held for administrators and faculty members of those engineering programs intending to apply for MÜDEK evaluation or planning to make improvements in their programs according to MÜDEK criteria in Ankara on April 21, 2018.

It is necessary to preregister to this workshop by April 02, 2018 Monday the latest, due to the limited number of participants. Workshop participants will be selected according to their preregistration order.

Information on this workshop including its preregistration can be reached by clicking: >>>>>
Higher Education Quality Board Extended MÜDEK's Quality Evaluation and Registration Certificate for 5 Years

Higher Education Quality Board (YKK) extended the validity of MÜDEK's Quality Evaluation and Registration Certificate for a period of 5 years starting from February 1, 2018 in its General Assembly meeting on January 31, 2018. This certificate had been issued to MÜDEK first time in 2007 by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) of Turkey for 5 years and it was re-issued by YÖK again for another 5 years in 2013. Click here for the official notification of YKK in Turkish.
Ramazan Yıldırım and Yavuz Erçil to Attend IEA - Washington Accord Meeting

Ramazan Yıldırım, Chair of MÜDEK Executive Board and Yavuz Erçil, MÜDEK Secretary General will be attending as MÜDEK representatives to the IEA (International Engineering Alliance) Meeting of Washington Accord, which will be held in London, England on June 24-29, 2018.
MÜDEK General Assembly

MÜDEK 2018 General Assembly will meet at the Seminar Hall of TTGV Office, ARI Teknokent, ARI 2 Building, İTÜ Ayazağa Campus at 14:00 hours on April 21, 2018, Saturday, if no quorum is reached then on April 28, 2018 Saturday with the same agenda at the same place and the same time.


  1. Opening and moment of silence
  2. Election of Chairing Board
  3. Discussion and acceptance of the agenda and its amendments
  4. Presentation, discussion, and acceptance of Executive Board activity report for the past term, financial balance and income-expense tables for 2017
  5. Presentation, discussion, and acceptance of Auditing Board report
  6. Acquittal of Executive Board
  7. Presentation, discussion, and acceptance of budget proposal for 2018
  8. Decision on membership fees for 2018
  9. Presentation of budget proposals for 2019 and 2020
  10. Wishes
  11. Closure

Birgül Tantekin-Ersolmaz to Attend ENAEE General Assembly Meeting

Birgül Tantekin-Ersolmaz, member of MÜDEK Advisory Committee and MÜDEK Representative in the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education ENAEE will attend as MÜDEK representative to the ENAEE General Assembly meeting to be held in Paris, France on March 20, 2018.
İffet İyigün Meydanlı Appointed as a New Member to Continuous Improvement Committee

MÜDEK Continuous Improvement Committee is renewed by the addition of İffet İyigün Meydanlı as a new committee member by the MÜDEK Executive Board at its meeting dated 27.01.2018 and numbered 2018-01. The committee is now composed of following members for the term between 01.02.2018 and 30.06.2019.
Leuven Communiqué Document Published

A document titled "Leuven Communiqué" is published as a "final report" summarizing the topics covered in the 1. ENAEE Members Forum meeting held in Leuven on October 18-19, 2017. The communiqué is the summary of the conclusions and recommendations issued from 9 parallel workshops and 3 break-out sessions attended by 75 individuals actively engaged in EUR-ACE accreditations. The document can be downloaded from the following sites:
ENAEE site / MÜDEK site
Interview with Ramazan Yıldırım Published in Moment Expo

An interview on MÜDEK titled "We are Working for an Engineering Education with Quality" is conducted with Prof. Dr. Ramazan Yıldırım, Chair of MÜDEK Executive Board, is published in the 113th issue dated October 2017 of Moment Expo, the monthly magazine of Machinery Exporters' Association. To download the interview in pdf, click here (in Turkish)
Application Regulations for 2018-2019 Accreditation Cycle Determined

For the application regulations to MÜDEK accreditation in the 2018-2019 accreditation cycle, click here >>>>>.
Filiz Dilek Attending UCTEA Engineering, Architecture, and City Planning Education Symposium

Filiz Bengü Dilek, Vice-Chair of MÜDEK-MAK, will be attending and making a presentation as MÜDEK representative at the UCTEA (The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) Engineering, Architecture, and City Planning Education Symposium to be held in Ankara on December 22-23, 2017.
Ramazan Yıldırım and Bülent Özgüler Attended 34th Engineering Deans Council Meeting
Balıkesir University 
Ramazan Yıldırım, Chair of MÜDEK Executive Board and A. Bülent Özgüler, MÜDEK-MAK Chair attended as MÜDEK representatives to the 34th MDK (Engineering Deans Council) meeting held at Balıkesir University in Balıkesir on November 24-25, 2017 and made a joint presentation (in Turkish) in the morning session on November 24, 2017.
MÜDEK Workshop for Student Evaluator Candidates

MÜDEK workshop for training candidates of MÜDEK student program evaluator is held at MÜDEK Headquarters in İstanbul on November 11, 2017 (Saturday). Ten invited students are participated in the workshop as student program evaluator candidates in different engineering disciplines from various universities.

Click here for the workshop page in Turkish. >>>>>
Memorandum to Inform MÜDEK Constituents

A memorandum is issued on May 30, 2017 in order to inform MÜDEK constituents about some important points and quality improvement studies under the light of experiences gained by evaluations performed in past 15 years and the applications of new version of MÜDEK Criteria for Evaluating Bachelor Engineering (Version 2.1.1-11.03.2016), which were prepared with the contributions of all MÜDEK constituents and have been in use since 2015-2016 aevaluation cycle. To download the Turkish version of the memorandum, click here >>>>>
Call for New Evaluator Candidates

MÜDEK is seeking for evaluator candidates both from academia and industry/business to conduct accreditation evaluation of engineering education programs according to MÜDEK Evaluation Criteria in order to play an important role in quality studies of institutions. Click here >>>>> for further details.

Invitation to Experienced Program Evaluators to Become a Member of MÜDEK Association

We are inviting those MÜDEK volunteers who has served at least twice on an evaluation team of MÜDEK or similar national or international agency for the evaluation of engineering programs to become a member of our association. For further information click here >>>>>.
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